We start manufacture of a fixed timbering from the made foam expanded polystyrene for capital monolithic building of low houses and buildings in height from 5 to 8 floors.
Blocks of a fixed timbering from the made foam polystyrene are represented by two plates from the dense expanded polystyrene, connected among themselves strong crosspieces. They have cavities which in the course of building are reinforced and filled with concrete. The top and bottom planes of elements of system of a fixed timbering are supplied by special locks of the difficult form, like assemblage of cubes in popular children's game "LEGO".
The fixed timbering offers following advantages in comparison with other building technologies:
- Excellent warmly - zvuko - and a waterproofing
- Simplicity of installation
- High speed of building - to seven times faster in comparison with others 
- The small weight of a wall provides loading decrease on the base, gives the chance uses  the bases
- Decrease in expenses for building to 50-60 %
- Economy  materials (walls do not demand the further warming and alignment 
- Increase in a useful area of the house for the account of small width of monolithic walls with a fixed timbering
- Reduction of expenses for building heating
- Possibility of a combination of a fixed timbering with other building materials and designs practically in any combination
- To construct a cottage or the house it is possible on  any type, at any time year at any environmental conditions.
The fixed timbering from expanded polystyrene is presented  blocks of the various form which include base  blocks of several standard sizes, angular blocks.

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