Packing from foaming polystyrene

Open Society «Kobrinsky Chemist» makes food trays, boxes and termoboks for manual and automatic packing of products and half-finished products. 

Features of products from foaming polystyrene:
Our enterprise uses modern technologies and raw materials at packing manufacturing. As a material for manufacturing of trays, boxes and термобоксов foaming polystyrene serves. It possesses a number of advantages in comparison with traditional raw materials. Among advantages of foaming polystyrene it is possible to note:
- Ease. It considerably cuts down expenses on transportation of production packed into container from foaming polystyrene.
- Durability. The given factor allows to raise essentially reliability of storage of the goods in packing from foaming polystyrene.
- Gidroskopichnost. Packing from foaming polystyrene does not absorb a moisture, not размокает and does not lose the form.
- Thermal stability. Foaming polystyrene - an excellent material for packing of foodstuff, half-finished products, production of culinary departments.

Advantages of foaming polystyrene
Foaming polystyrene has a number of unique advantages:
- Possesses magnificent  properties. Therefore packing from foaming polystyrene for hot foodstuff will allow to keep products in a hot kind, packing, does not burn a hand. Packing from foaming polystyrene for products deep frosts will provide their safety at transportation.

- Perfectly keeping a moisture, foaming polystyrene passes in small amounts air. Packing from this material "breathes" that is a necessary condition of safety of fruit, berries, vegetables, confectioner's shops.

- Ability of a material to extinguish shock and vibrating influences.
- Packing from foaming polystyrene has low cost.
Scope of application of packing from foaming polystyrene (trays, boxes)
Packing from foaming polystyrene is used practically for any foodstuff:
- Boxes perfectly approach for packing of the fresh and frozen vegetables, berries, fruit, fish and др the economic purposes, Are used for delivery in shops, supermarkets, etc. shops. 300*400*100 mm of 300*400*200 mm
- Trays are used for packing of culinary products,  packing of mushrooms, soft cheeses, salads etc. 225*135*40 mm of 250*170*20 mm of 225*180*45 mm 
- Termoboksy are used for storage of the hot and frozen foodstuff and the dishes which temperature fluctuates from-250 With to +1100С. Packing approaches for use in a microwave. 250*200*60 mm
-Termoboksy also can be used in medicine for transportation and time storage of medical preparations, its use is recommended when protection against influence of differences of temperatures is required. 250*200*60 mm

With development of networks of a fast food, self-service shops popularity of disposable packing from the made foam polystyrene grows.

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