Why choose tiles and metal profiles of OJSC "Kobrin Chemist"

JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "Kobrin Chemist" is one of the enterprises in Belarus, which started to develop production of metal profile. The company is constantly expanding the range of products. Decking, metal, wall panels, vodoslivnye system from JSC "Kobrin Chemist" are environmentally responsible Belarusian quality standards and have appropriate certificates.

The company uses for the production of metal profile zinced steel leading Russian and European smelters with world-class equipment and technologies, making it possible to guarantee maximum lifespan metallprofilâ. Volume and efficient organization of the production plant installed at metallprofil′ affordable prices. The JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "Kobrin Chemist" offers its clients and partners a convenient payment terms. We cherish the time of our clients. Ensuring the lowest possible dates of manufacture and shipping is a high priority.

JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "Kobrin Chemist" is guided not only by considerations of practicality, setting the range of their products. We care about the aesthetic side, offering maximum possible color gamut of coatings. For example, and finishing material when clicked by your customers are particularly meticulous and enterprise in turn now offers a wide range of colours. In addition, our company is focused on clients and runs according to individual orders, meticulously following specific dimensional characteristics to avoid overspending and, thus, saving money for our customers. Every partner we work individually and focus on long-term perspective cooperation with guaranteed quality.

We are looking forward to successful cooperation dealers, private customers and building organizations.


Metal tile-roofing material that not only decorate the House, but also with the roof being adequately protected. Metal has a long lifespan and is resistant to any weather conditions. Colored plastic cover protects the metal from the effects of ultraviolet light and prevent corrosion of the metal. Material produced metal doesn't sustain combustion and totally complies with fire safety. Metal as a building material combines two unique qualities: traditional, classical and modern design. Base metal-steel galvanized on both sides of the sheet, as well as a layer of primer. Metal Cascade-the most efficient of all profiles of metal, because it has the smallest factor of overlap.

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Shaped boarding HC-35-profiled, scope of application of which is quite broad. This is due primarily to a rib stiffness profile. Statistical burden and dynamic with of shaped boarding HC-35 can be very high. HC-35 is Shaped facade walls, exponentiation industrial space, fence construction sites. In addition, this type of corrugated board is used for production of various canopies and roofs. Marking denotes the number of deck NA this type of profile: (c) and a wall, (n)-HC-35 Profiled roofing is widely used for roofs. Especially its structure includes the complete exclusion of lateral leakage, even with very large amounts of precipitation. Characteristics of corrugated board HC-35:

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Profiled markings TRP-25 is a high-quality zinc-coated steel sheets, high rigidity is moulding across the area drains (flute) in the shape of a trapezoid. Polymeric coating gives in addition to excellent and additional protection against mechanical damage and corrosion. Polyester Coating is resistant to the effects of ultraviolet light and less expensive than pural or plastisol. Scope of corrugated board TRP-25 is quite wide. Two main areas – walls and fences of corrugated board. Sheets have a higher stiffness than provisaût and does not bow out toward. Construction of corrugated board TRP-25 has high durability. Additional structural elements of a framework is required. Easy sheet of corrugated board and TRP-25 large surface area provides ease of installation works. For a device using corrugated board fences TRP-25 optimally. And now it is the most popular material for steel fence. The color of a polymeric coating can be picked up anywhere in the style of the buildings. Dignity – a solid appearance, absolute stability and strength, durability, up to 50 years and producing more promise. Corrugated Board and TRP-25 be used as a roofing for small buildings.

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